Product check


sample certificate product check

sample certificate for product check

The testlab product check provides the end user orientation in a more and more non-transparent supply of accessories.
Obtaining the testlab certificate is to be assessed as a quality characteristic .

The product check is based on the market environment without specifying any ranking or grading.
It defines specific qualifications that have to be fullfilled by at least 66 %. This guarantees that the certified products

are far above average. Measurements are included only as far as it is necessary to judge the subjective quality.

The result of the product check can be „succeeded“ or „not succeeded“. A successfully passed product check is tantamount
to the trustworthiness of the product. Product characteristics that obviously contradict the interests of the customer
will not receive any certificate.

The product check is more extensive than the usability check without going into deep technical parameters like the product test does.