About us

The WMP Testlab started out well over 35 years ago as an independant test laboratory for magazines german engineering & know-how
like Audio and Stereoplay. Later on, measurement facilities for video, computers and telecommunication
products were added. Today the WMP Testlab is located in Haar near Munich.

The customer experience has always been the centre of all our measuring and testing. To this day
we make sure that test results like listening tests can be verified by technical parameters (e.g. frequency

Our technical background is based on the test expertise of technical editors and engineers and is
continuously developed and adapted to market conditions.

For more than 15 years the WMP Testlab has been working as a service partner for the industry, from
product planning to launching.

All external assignments are treated confidentially.




WMP Testlab Team

f.l.t.r.: Roland Seibt, Bernd Theiss, Dirk Waasen, Vasili Tsialos, Irena Wallbaum, Klaus Laumann, Christian Moeller, Florian Goisl, Rolf Korobka